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> > One possibility is taking the w3c test harness code for processing w3c tests. The harness between CSS and WebApps is converging, and currently the CSS side of things processes the files and generates a manifest to use while running the tests. If we share this (python) code with the w3c we don't have to keep up with their process changes.
> Alan, can you point me at that code? When I've looked in the past, I hadn't found anything (admittedly, I haven't yet looked very hard).

The code for the harness is at:

Note that this is the web application that runs tests, gathers results and prepares reports.

The code that processes tests and produces manifest files (among other things) is in the test suite repository at:
and mostly in the python library at:
which is included as a sub repository under test/tools.

Note that the test suite build code is currently focused on the CSS test suites. I'll be re-working it over the next few weeks to be more generic and flexible.

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