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--- Comment #19 from Rakesh <rakesh.kn at motorola.com>  2011-11-03 04:12:10 PST ---
(In reply to comment #17)
> > If an element does not have a dir attribute, the default should be "ltr" . 
> > return "ltr" is the right thing to do here. Directionality should be checked
> > only when there is a dir attribute and its value is "auto".
> Just making sure that there is no confusion. If an element does not have a dir attribute, one has to look for the closest ancestor that does. If no ancestor has it either, then it's "ltr". If the element (or the closest ancestor) has "auto", one has to check that element's directionality.
> Thus:
> <html><input dirname=foo></html> -> ltr (No ancestor has dir).
> <html><input dirname=foo dir=rtl></html> -> rtl
> <html dir=rtl><input dirname=foo></html> -> rtl (Closest ancestor has dir=rtl)
> <html><div dir=auto><input dirname=foo value="שלום"> hello</div></html> -> ltr (Closest ancestor has dir=auto, and its first strong content is LTR ("hello"), so it winds up being LTR, and the input inherits that. The input's value is not included in the ancestor text content for the purposes of the ancestor dir=auto estimation, per usual dir=auto rules.)

Thanks Yael and Aharon for the detailed inputs.

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