[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 60439] [Texmap][Qt] Upstream texture-mapper changes from Qt's WebKit2 branch

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Sat May 7 19:06:05 PDT 2011


--- Comment #1 from Noam Rosenthal <noam.rosenthal at nokia.com>  2011-05-07 19:06:05 PST ---
I've divided the patches to 10:
1. Changes to TextureMapperPlatformLayer API
2. Changes to TextureMapper API
3. Build changes
4. Allow 3D by default
5. Qt backend
6. media player fixes
7. WebGL fixes
8. GL backend
9. The "meaty" changes to TextureMapperNode
10. Glue layer (PageClientQt and friends).

If more granularity is needed, I can try though it's kind of hard to separate the code into pieces like that. In any case, the history is available in the webkit/qtwebkit-webkit2-dev branch on gitorious so we wouldn't gain much from splitting it more.

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