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> Well, hmm...
> It looks like that spec also covers the other pre-existing fields of Touch.  It looks like the spec is co-edited by folks from Mozilla and Opera.  Do you know the state of their implementations?  Have they vendor prefixed these fields?  Have they been shipping these fields for some time already?
> Comment #6 makes me concerned that there may be considerable divergence between the browsers.

According to this thread


Matt Brubeck from Mozilla, also one of the editors of the draft, has an
experimental implementation in the nightly build of mobile Firefox.

Also Mozilla has vendor prefixed MozTouchEvent and related APIs which are
not compatible with WebKit.

Opera's implementation is based on iphone (and so the same as WebKit)

The draft is based on WebKit's implementation but some divergence is 

As for the radius and angle information, since they are now available
from many touch devices, it is good to expose them to web developers.
And as the draft is still evolving, vendor-prefixing the fields seems the
safe way to go for now.

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