[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 25298] Ctrl + Right/Left arrow move forward/backward through document instead of right/left in RTL text

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--- Comment #55 from Mario Sanchez Prada <msanchez at igalia.com>  2011-05-04 06:53:32 PST ---
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> (In reply to comment #52)
> > Joanie, I took a look to the test case with GtkLauncher and I'm afraid I don't get the problem properly. Could you post here some "how to reproduce the problem for dummies" steps so I can see the problem myself? :-)
> GtkLauncher has keyboard nav? Maybe I need my own dummies guide. ;-)

Now it hasn't keyboard navigation, so you're not crazy. I just added some sloppy code to enable it there. Perhaps I should think of adding it in a more persistent way to the app :-)

> Anyhoo:
> 1. In Epiphany, view this: https://bugs.webkit.org/attachment.cgi?id=29619
> 2. Press Tab to give focus to one of the lines.
> 3. Press Left Arrow (result: moves to the left)
> 4. Press Ctrl Left Arrow (result: moves to the right)
> 5. Press Right Arrow (result: moves to the right)
> 6. Press Ctrl Right Arrow (result: moves to the left)
> I, of course, defer to readers of RTL languages to determine what direction 
> right and left should move with respect to RTL text. However, the fact that 
> Left and Ctrl+Left move in opposite directions, and that Right and Ctrl+Right 
> move in opposite directions surely cannot be correct.

Agreed, even if I'm not an expert on this, it certainly looks wrong.

> So those working on the bug are straightening that out, and will do so for
> WebKitGtk too (as I understand it). This will include *nix-unique caret-
> positioning (not yet addressed).

Yep, I think I understood the same as per reading all the comments so far in this bug.

> All we have to do (I believe) is be sure that the change doesn't have 
> unexpected side effects w.r.t. a11y within WebKitGtk. Secondly, I am assuming 
> that we're already doing the correct thing with respect to text and selection 
> events for rtl languages, but it's probably worth verifying that.

Which kind of side effects are you thinking of? Asking this because for me this bidi-text stuff is something relatively new and I'm not sure atm what kind of problems we could expect in this regard, apart from the obvious ones (moving in the opposite direction)

> Hope this helps!

My main doubt about your previous comment was that you mentioned that sometimes it moved by character and sometimes by word, which is something I could not reproduce yet.

Thanks for the detailed response!

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