[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 54530] [GTK] [Windows] freetype can't display Hindi and Arabic variant correctly when Pango can.

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Bakhtiar Hasmanan <mr.tiar at gmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #7 from Bakhtiar Hasmanan <mr.tiar at gmail.com>  2011-03-20 20:56:56 PST ---
apparently the mismatch is because pango's builtin_aliases in pango-utils.c use obsolete unicode fontlist. Here is my pango.aliases to display all supported indic languages (with freetype as backend):

tahoma = "arabic typesetting,arabic transparent,tahoma,lucida sans unicode,browallia new,dokchampa,daunpenh,mingliu,simhei,gulimche,ms gothic,mongolian baiti,microsoft phagspa,microsoft tai le,kalinga,iskoola pota,vrinda,raavi,mv boli,gautami,tunga,shruti,kartika,latha,mangal,nyala,plantagenet cherokee"

tohoma here refer to tahoma override in fonts.conf file previously

new in XP SP3: 
indic: vrinda,raavi,mv boli,gautami,tunga,shruti

new in Win7/Vista
indic: iskoola pota (sinhala) and kalinga (oriya)
america: plantagenet cherokee
ethiopian : nyala
SE asia: dokchampa (Laos), daunpenh (Cambodia)
arabic: arabic typesetting
central asia: mongolian baiti,microsoft phagspa,microsoft tai le

my question now: which used by webkitgtk actually? pango, fontconfig or both?
also if I add additional font search path (for other missing unicode fonts) in fonts.conf, pango didn't respect this like they were work independently and clashed each other.

To prove this: I add other search path (which contain only sinhala font) in fonts.conf and remove WINDOWSFONTDIR. I can see wikipedia page still display arabic which prove pango used here. However if I remove all search path webkitgtk refuse to run.

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