[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 13807] XML without style should render as syntax-highlighted source

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--- Comment #48 from Pavel Feldman <pfeldman at chromium.org>  2011-03-12 23:44:37 PST ---
> 1. You're using an XSL stylesheet to render the output. This proves problematic in both rendering times on large-ish XML documents and getting declared namespaces to display accurately.

Could you point to a test case (public large XML)? I'd like to find out why large XML documents result in long rendering / why XSL is slow.

> 2. The results don't include declared namespaces. See comments about #1.

A test case would also help, ideally in a separate bug claiming that namespaces are not rendered property. A side question: do they work fine in Web Inspector?

> One problem I have with this implementation is that there isn't a way programmatically to not have the native rendering occur. For a Chrome user with one of the XML extensions installed, this means the native rendering is applied and then the extension's rendering is applied to the native renderings output for XML documents without namespaces.

That's a good point, thanks for reporting it. Native rendering will apply only in case there are no namespaces known to WebKit + there is no page opener. As a workaround, extension could reload the page with the opener set and do its rendering.

> I applaud the work to natively render XML documents in webkit, but I think you are doing a disservice by not displaying well-formed and valid XML. As a Safari user I'd be happy to have any XML rendering, but as a Chrome user this is a real step down from what the three XML rendering extensions provide for functionality.

We will make sure we don't regress Chrome experience, please help us with test cases.

(In reply to comment #45)
> Thanks for your detailed feedback.  Would it make sense to incorporate your extension natively into WebKit as the XML renderer (i.e., as an improvement over the rendering provided by this patch)?

I agree that namespaces must be fixed, but we need to be careful wrt bloating WebKit code. There already is a full blown support for XML trees in the Web Inspector. This native XML rendering was more of a convenience / feature parity matter for us, users wanted it badly.

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