[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 55671] REGRESSION (r79987-r80210): Crash in JSWeakObjectMapClear

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--- Comment #14 from Oliver Hunt <oliver at apple.com>  2011-03-11 10:25:40 PST ---
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> OK, new problem.
> I can run a debug build, but when I trigger the crash it just hangs now. The ReportCrash process launches and eats some CPU along with Safari, but a Crash Report window never appears and eventually I have to force quit the ReportCrash process. I shouldn't have to wait 5-10 minutes or more for it to fully Crash, right?
> I believe I'm running r80853. Is there anyway to get the r version when running the build or from the files?
> What should I do now?

Actually it can take a huge amount of time in a debug build.  The easiest solution will be to run inside a debugger.  If you use the gdb-safari script that should launch gdb in a way that will be setup to run safari with your build of webkit.

once you're given a prompt just type run and hit enter.  Then trigger the crash.

At that point gdb should say where the code is.  then type bt and hit enter to get a full backtrace

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