[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 56004] chrome.dll!WebCore::lastPositionInNode ReadAV at NULL (23c8d35ca79c9994c6691ce3fa381d59)

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Wed Mar 9 02:37:46 PST 2011


--- Comment #1 from Berend-Jan Wever <skylined at chromium.org>  2011-03-09 02:37:46 PST ---
Offending code in "\Source\WebCore\editing\visible_units.cpp":

VisiblePosition nextLinePosition(const VisiblePosition &visiblePosition, int x)
    // Could not find a next line. This means we must already be on the last line.
    // Move to the end of the content in this block, which effectively moves us
    // to the end of the line we're on.
    Element* rootElement = node->isContentEditable() ? node->rootEditableElement() : node->document()->documentElement();
    return VisiblePosition(lastPositionInNode(rootElement), DOWNSTREAM);

"rootElement" can be NULL through "node->document()->documentElement()".
"lastPositionInNode" does not handle NULL ptrs.

A similar code construct exists in "previousLinePosition", but I couldn't get that to crash.

The comment in the code above seems to be incorrect; "Move to the end of the content in this block" should read "Move to the end of the document" as far as I can tell. Assuming this is the case, one could replace the code with a call to "endOfDocument". However, "endOfDocument" does not check for "node->isContentEditable()", or handle things differently if this is true.

In other words - I don't know exactly what the code should do, so I cannot fix this.

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