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--- Comment #12 from Luiz Agostini <luiz at webkit.org>  2011-03-04 06:25:10 PST ---
(In reply to comment #11)
> Wouldn't it be safer just to enable this for Linux and not all UNIX based system ? Would this work on all UNIX-based system (except MAC and Symbian as you noted) ? 

It will work in platforms where there are pthread and signals. My understanding is that it covers most of them. Symbian uses pthreads but unfortunately OpenC does not cover 100% of the API. But I am not a symbian expert and may be wrong.

> This patch un-skippes the test for all OS-es not just for Unix/Linux - this seems to imply that LayoutTests for Qt on maintained on Unix/Linux. Is that the case ? 

I think that the tests may be removed from skip list if they will not be a problem for the bots. 

> Regarding the change I would prefer not to touch the build files for this. What about simply doing the following in JavaScrioptCore/wtf/Platform.h ? 
> +#define WTF_USE_PTHREADS 1
> +#endif

It is not possible. It will affect many parts of the code, changing some typedefs that must point to QThread related types. Anyway, I think that how it is proposed in patch is better. I consider that to have a Qt independent define is better because it will be simple to repalce these calls by QThread calls as soon as QThread implement all that is needed.

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