[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 55666] DOMNodeRemoved events are not dispatched

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Thu Mar 3 23:55:18 PST 2011


--- Comment #5 from Andrey Adaikin <aandrey at google.com>  2011-03-03 23:55:18 PST ---
Strange, according to the http://www.w3.org/TR/DOM-Level-3-Events/#event-type-DOMNodeRemoved - "This event must be dispatched before the removal takes place." Is this a wrong place to look at, or we just don't care about the standards? :)

I am more than happy to use a workaround using DOMSubtreeModified, but I failed to find one... Can you give me a good recipe how to use it, so that I should not miss DOMNodeRemoved events? If I remember correctly, I was not able to determine the particular DOM node that was removed from a subtree. Seems like there is no way now to catch the removed DOM node directly from the event?!

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