[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 55257] Support creating compositing layers for scrollable and overflowing objects

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Thu Mar 3 18:32:44 PST 2011


--- Comment #16 from Daniel Sievers <sievers at google.com>  2011-03-03 18:32:44 PST ---

> In chromium we don't SKIP tests unless they cause the test harness to crash in some way.  Instead set the appropriate expectation ( = TEXT or whatnot).


> I'm a bit confused here - why do we need the two checks?  Does isRootLayer not indicate whether the layer is a root layer?
> > +        if (frameView->layoutWidth() <= 1 || frameView->layoutHeight() <= 1)

see comment above, unfortunately isRootLayer() is misleading and just returns whether it's a RenderView, so could also be an (i)frame.

> This still feels redundant with the check at 1310.  If we don't want to make compositing layers for small things, we should just do the size check once IMO.


> Supporting scrolling="no" on an iframe is a separate issue - please file another bug on this and attach this code + the corresponding test(s) to that bug.

Removed, will file a separate bug.

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