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--- Comment #19 from Timur Iskhodzhanov <timurrrr at google.com>  2011-03-02 06:28:43 PST ---
Sorry for the delay, I was travelling and then had some other things to do.

So, the Chromium build problem arises from the following:
a) WebKit --chromium includes some Chromium headers that have their own (upstream!) copy of dynamic_annotations.h
  As a result, there are two inclusions: DynamicAnnotations.h, then dynamic_annotations.h and they have different include gueards.
  Chromium (presumably) includes WebKit headers as well in a different orders.
  Possible options are:
    - Upload upstream dynamic_annotations headers to WebKit third_party/
       I was told this this may be extremely difficult given the number of project generators used in WebKit and the fact that there's only one third_party project in WebKit atm (ANGLE)
    - Make a _full_ copy of dynamic_annotations and put them into wtf/ following WebKit codestyle.
       I think this is very fragile and also it will make updating these annotations a nightmare (WebKit headers will be sometimes used in Chromium instead of Chromium ones - ouch!).
    - Rename the WebKit annotations macros to WTF_ANNOTATE_BLA_BLA_BLA
I'm going to try the latter

b) Win - I've no idea what to do.
First, I've searched for all references to Atomics.h (in the directory structure as well as in project files) and added similar references to DynamicAnnotations.h but looks like it's not enough
Second, I can't get my only VS2005-enabled Windows machine to build a clean WebKit checkout to understand what happens...

Precaution: Maybe I'll upload a few updated version of this patch to see how the try queue bots do with them

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