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--- Comment #18 from Patrick R. Gansterer <paroga at paroga.com>  2011-06-20 01:35:08 PST ---
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> (In reply to comment #16)
> > Ryuan isn't a committer, but this was cq-'d.  Does it need a r-, or is someone going to land this?
> It has my informal r-, but it's up to Patrick to decide.

I still like this change, but don't want to overrule Lucas. Maybe there is anyone else with deeper CMake experience to decide over the more CMake-like solution?

In my personal CMake history I only had _one_ CMakeLists.txt per folder. The rest was done in *.cmake files.

Not a very strong argument, but IMHO this will scale better (better readable, wihout the "CMakeLists"-prefix): The different Windows ports have many files which are shared in very different ways, so the PlatformXXX won't be sufficient if we don't want to put the same file lists in different PlatformXXX files.

> > Many editors will provide correct syntax highlighting, because most of them match "CMakeLists.txt|*.cmake".
> Here Vim does provides the highlighting in CMakeListsEfl.txt. It's just a matter of configuring another pattern in you editor's options.
It's possible to rename all your *.cpp to Cpp*.txt too and it will work. "It's just a matter of configuring another pattern in you editor's options.", but why you don't do it? The editors are shipped with most common patters, so why we won't use them? IMO the editor patterns are a good source for what people usually do. :-)

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