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> What does "drag around the color-picker and have on-the-fly color edits in the page" mean?
> Is the implication the color picker is somehow sitting on the page being debugged?  That doesn't sound right.
> So, if the color picker is sitting in the inspector window/frame, where are you dragging the picker?
> My initial guess at what was being asked for, was to replace the text field you get when you double-click a color value, with some kind of a picker.  But it would be modal.  You wouldn't be dragging it between different places where the colors could be edited.

There's already a square cell (filled with color) next to each textual color value in inspector.

color: ☐ white;

Clicking on that color currently switches value representation from hex to rgb to hsl to keyword. If this switching were to be invoked in some other way (say, by having up/down arrows in a split button next to color value) then clicking on a color cell could toggle color picker. 

I'm pretty sure this is exactly what Opera's Dragonfly does.

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