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--- Comment #17 from Scott Byer <scottbyer at chromium.org>  2011-06-03 09:20:18 PST ---
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> > The Settings design confuses me too.
> The design is very simple.  There are two ways to control the behavior of WebCore:
> 1) You can push a bool (or an string, something simple) into WebCore per Page using a WebCore::Setting.  Not all code can find the Setting object, but those than can are able to read that simple type.
> 2) For more complicated things, or things that need to be more fine-grained than a Page, you can add a client interface, which is a pure virtual callback to the WebKit layer.  There are a number of these interfaces that you can extend, or (in rare cases) you can create a new one.

This definitely falls into the more complicated category. It's why I ended up with the static data in the first place - the settings are bulky and don't need to be per page.

If you could give me a quick pointer at an example you think would fit, and I'll get things cleaned up. I'm going to be working in WebKit more moving forward, so now is a good time to teach me.

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