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--- Comment #4 from Dirk Schulze <krit at webkit.org>  2011-06-03 01:26:00 PST ---
(In reply to comment #3)
> wfm Opera, 
> if not blur what is the equivalent to blur for the mouse user?
Do you want something like 'mouseout'? You can add more than one event to 'end'.

> There still remains much confusion where mouse and keyboard are used to navigate together.
> consider this was not in the spec.
> may need to clarify with WG?
Definitely a good place to clarify confusions. My understanding of blur is, that if an element gets a focus, it will get removed immediately. So it has more an active role, but can of course get observed by an eventListener. So if you set blur() to an element and end any animation on firing this event, you shouldn't see the animation at all (in the case of 'click' for 'begin').

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