[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 61160] GTK: media/video-src-invalid-poster.html Failed

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--- Comment #7 from Philippe Normand <pnormand at igalia.com>  2011-06-03 00:45:00 PST ---
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> > > So the patch seems to significantly change the behavior of the test by calling |video.load()|.  Shouldn't we see the correct behavior without calling load()?  The original test gave the video element a whole second to resize and display the poster.  Is that not enough time?
> > 
> > On my slow laptop I could see the timeout happen. The GTK bots are know to not be lighning fast either...
> > In general for media tests (at least) I believe we should react more on events instead of waiting on something to happen before a XXXX ms timeout to fire.
> Okay, I'd be fine with getting rid of the 1s timeout.  What about |video.load()|?  Does the test pass on GTK+ without that, but also without the timeout?

Doesn't pass because if load() isn't called there's no loadstart event.

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