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--- Comment #6 from Justin Bur <justin at cam.org>  2011-06-02 12:21:20 PST ---
The bigger picture is text correction in a separate writers' tools app, with its own UI (as opposed to an NSSpellServer which depends on the standard UI). Users request correction through the Services menu. Once the request has been received, we synchronize changes in both directions between the original app and the correction app, until the correction app's shadow document is closed.

Additional features in Safari's scripting dictionary (yes, Safari is the WKView host) would certainly be one way of continuing to offer this integration. Scripting does suffice in the cases where it is well supported (Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, etc.).

Because scripting dictionaries of Cocoa apps are rarely rich enough, a scripting addition that targets NSTextView has been a successful technique for a wide variety of apps. Extending the idea to the old WebView allowed working with Mail and Safari (until now). WKView is not so amenable.

I'll file a bug on bugreport.apple.com with a reference to this bug.

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