[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 45524] r66992 introduces a perf slowdown in chromium tests

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--- Comment #20 from Andy Estes <aestes at apple.com>  2011-06-02 11:36:56 PST ---
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> (In reply to comment #18)
> > Som should this be reviewed and landed then?
> If I recall correctly, Andy didn't address Darin's concerns about correctness. And, although I'm not sure if we'd be able easily verify the performance regression at this point, we should probably still try.

Unfortunately I accepted Darin's comment at face value back in September without really evaluating it. Thinking about it now, I think the level at which the MIME type is cached is correct. The cache has the lifetime of the <embed> or <object> DOM node and is dirtied whenever the node's subtree is modified or attributes affecting plug-in loading are changed. The cache does not have the lifetime of the browser; changes in system MIME type mappings would not require a browser restart.

I think I was waiting to hear if this patch resolved the performance regression, and chromium folks were waiting for me to solve the perf regression. Sorry for the poor communication.

If we think there is still a regression, I'm happy to get this patch landed.

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