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--- Comment #24 from Xiaomei Ji <xji at chromium.org>  2011-07-26 12:23:56 PST ---
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>> LayoutTests/editing/selection/move-by-word-visually-others.html:93
>> +<div contenteditable dir=ltr id="ml_1" class="test_move_by_word fix_width" style="width:50px" title="[ml_1, 0][ml_1, 4][ml_1, 8][ml_1, 12][ml_1, 16][ml_1, 0, 5][ml_1, 4, 5][ml_1, 8, 5][ml_1, 12, 5]|[ml_1, 15, 5][ml_1, 12, 5][ml_1, 8, 5][ml_1, 4, 5][ml_1, 0, 5][ml_1, 16][ml_1, 12][ml_1, 8][ml_1, 4][ml_1, 0]">abc def ghi jkl mn <br/><br/><br/>opq rst uvw xyz</div>
> I'm afraid that specifying "50px" will make this test platform-dependent. I'd at least use "ex" or "em" and only use "x" or some other letter since mixing letters will make the text width more dependent on font metrics.

Looks like for pure ascii, the result is cross-platform if  font-size and font-family are fixed. But you are probably right that I do not need to set width here since I am setting width in JS. BTW, if width is set here and by JS, which one take precedence?

>> LayoutTests/editing/selection/move-by-word-visually-single-space-sigle-line.html:68
>> +<div dir=rtl id="d_2" class="test_move_by_word" title="[s_2, 2][d_2, 4][d_2, 0]|[d_2, 0][d_2, 4]" contenteditable>אאא <span id="s_2">בב</span></div>
> Why don't I see these changes in expected.txt?

id does not appear in expected file. instead of element id, the real content appears in expected file, which should make the expected file easier to read.

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