[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 64811] <video> ".html" src with a 301 redirect fails to load

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--- Comment #3 from Joseph Pecoraro <joepeck at webkit.org>  2011-07-19 17:20:20 PST ---
I chatted a bit with Jer. It seems there are a few approaches to fixing this.

Certainly there is the content fix:

  x) Switching from .html to .mp4 or providing a type attribute value like:
     Example was: <source src='video.mp4' type='video/mp4; codecs="mp4v.20.240, mp4a.40.2"'>

But what if the content was not .html and .cgi or another extension? Using the
file extension is brittle. I think we should always rely on the mime type, whether
from content or from the network. We could handle networking more ourselves, or
push the issue down to the media engine:

  1) WebCore could always check for redirects or do a HEAD request to get the
     Content-Type MIME Type from the server. This way the "mime type / codec"
     information that we use to select the best media engine would be the
     most accurate.

  2) Just hand off the URL to the media engine(s), and the <video> element's
     preferred "mime type / codec" and let them handle checking for redirections
     and refining the choice based on incoming mime types.

  3) When we try to lookup the "best engine" for a "mime type / codec", if
     we come back with no engine, we should just try again with a default
     "mime type / codec" and let the media engine do fallback behavior.

I'm not very familiar with the interaction between WebCore its Media Engines.
There may be another approach to this, or the content could be deemed invalid
and not something we want to support. I didn't see anything in HTML5 that
mentioned redirects, so I think this is just something that WebKit handles.
Do any of the above approaches sound good?

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