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ok comments on the tests now.

> LayoutTests/fast/dom/Window/script-tests/postmessage-clone-deep-array.js:1
> +document.getElementById("description").innerHTML = "Tests that we abort cloning deep(ish) arrays.";

Why does this get a different error than really deep array?

> LayoutTests/fast/dom/Window/script-tests/postmessage-clone.js:98
> +        doPassFail(v[2] === undefined, "ix 2 undefined"); // undefined

ix = index, right? (pls xpnd)

> LayoutTests/platform/chromium/fast/canvas/webgl/script-tests/array-message-passing.js:1
> +window.jsTestIsAsync = true;

Why is this a chromium test?

If any port implementing webgl and array message passing should pass this, then it shouldn't be in a chromium directory.

> LayoutTests/platform/chromium/fast/canvas/webgl/script-tests/array-message-passing.js:2
> +window.cheat = false;

When is cheat == true? I think this is debugging code that should be removed (along with the if below).

> LayoutTests/platform/chromium/fast/canvas/webgl/script-tests/array-message-passing.js:7
> +function classCompare(tname, g, s) {


What do g and s stand for?

> LayoutTests/platform/chromium/fast/canvas/webgl/script-tests/array-message-passing.js:8
> +  var classStr = Object.prototype.toString;

avoid abbreviations: classString

Also ideally you'd stick with stand WebKit 4 space indents.

> LayoutTests/platform/chromium/fast/canvas/webgl/script-tests/array-message-passing.js:9
> +  var gclass = classStr.call(g);

gClass (but hopefully with a better substitue for "g").

> LayoutTests/platform/chromium/fast/canvas/webgl/script-tests/array-message-passing.js:98
> +function createTypedArrayOverBuffer(tatype, taeltsize, length, substart, sublength) {


> LayoutTests/platform/chromium/fast/canvas/webgl/script-tests/array-message-passing.js:140
> +  {return [t[0] + "_0b", createTypedArrayOverBuffer(t[1], t[2], 0), typedArrayCompare];}));

I wish the "b" of 0b was expanded so I didn't have to try to figure out what it means.

> LayoutTests/platform/chromium/fast/dom/Window/script-tests/postmessage-clone-ex.js:1
> +document.getElementById("description").innerHTML = "Tests that we clone object hierarchies";

Why is this chromium only and why does it appear to copy so much from the other similar test?

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