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--- Comment #8 from Varun Jain <varunjain at chromium.org>  2011-07-13 14:29:37 PST ---
(In reply to comment #7)
> If GestureRecognizerChromium needs to interact with the DOM, it should move out of the platform directory.  Another option is to refactor the dependency so that it can interact with the DOM via some API.
> Do the other GestureRecognizers need to interact with the DOM?

There is only one GR for now and yes it does need to interact with the DOM.
I would like to revisit the dependency restriction you have mentioned though. On further looking up, I found many many references inside platform to non-platform stuff such as FrameView, Page, Document, Node, Range etc. This makes me wonder if there is a restriction at all. Can you point me to the relevant doc/webpage where this rule might be listed?

Regarding your suggestions:
I believe when rjkroege submitted the first version of the GestureRecognizer, there was extensive debate about where it should go and its current place was found to be the most agreeable. Moving it outside platform may not be an option (rjkroege can comment more on this)

That leaves us with the second option of creating a new API to interact with the DOM. Is there an example of this somewhere?

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