[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 64355] [Soup] Cannot override default max-conns and max-conns-per-host Soup Session settings

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Wed Jul 13 10:11:48 PDT 2011


--- Comment #14 from Sergio Villar Senin <svillar at igalia.com>  2011-07-13 10:11:48 PST ---
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> (In reply to comment #12)
> > It will not because we first check if there is any cookiejar or souprequester before setting the default ones.
> Ah, so this would just make the behavior slightly more consistent. Another approach would be to check if the max-conns and max-conns-per-host differ from the default. That seems like a bit of a hack though.

Another possibility could be to remove that from webkitgtk+, as it is a very specific browser feature, (actually we were setting as defaults the values used by most of the browsers) and let browsers decide.

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