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--- Comment #11 from Xan Lopez <xan.lopez at gmail.com>  2011-07-12 05:14:58 PST ---
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> Don't sweat it Arno, feel free to do with the patch as you wish as I lost interest in working on it further due to the poor attitude towards contributions from Xan in particular and the fact that someone deleted one of my comments where I suggested that perhaps taking 5 minutes to skim over a patch was no proper way of dealing with new contributors (as proven by the fact that he criticized the patch for fixing some annotations, and mistook that for doing changes in the API ¿?) . Anyway, hope you have better luck as there certainly is interest in the community for proper working bindings and introspection.

I don't think it's possible to delete comments here, so you are probably just confusing some error in sending your comment with a conspiracy against you. I most certainly didn't delete anything.

Anyone can make mistakes, but I think all my comments about your patch still stand. The vast majority of the annotations were wrong (it makes no sense to annotate ints or booleans), so I just stopped looking after finding a bunch of those and asked you to go over them again. Changing the scanner to emit wrong names in the gtk-doc is a hack, and I said so, I didn't confuse that with any change in the API.

In any case, as Arno has proved parts of your patch were useful, and I didn't say the contrary, so certainly your contributions were and still are welcome. It is my duty as reviewer to try to land the best patches possible, and you shouldn't confuse criticisms of code with personal attacks against you.

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