[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 64256] REGRESSION(r90552): platform/mac/accessibility/html-slider-indicator.html fails

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Mon Jul 11 05:28:18 PDT 2011


--- Comment #7 from WebKit Review Bot <webkit.review.bot at gmail.com>  2011-07-11 05:28:19 PST ---
The commit-queue encountered the following flaky tests while processing attachment 100266:

http/tests/misc/slow-loading-mask.html bug 64069 (author: bdakin at apple.com)
fast/blockflow/japanese-lr-selection.html bug 64264 (author: hyatt at apple.com)
fast/blockflow/japanese-rl-selection.html bug 64265 (author: hyatt at apple.com)
fast/box-shadow/scaled-box-shadow.html bug 64266 (author: simon.fraser at apple.com)
fast/backgrounds/background-leakage.html bug 64267 (author: simon.fraser at apple.com)
fast/backgrounds/repeat/negative-offset-repeat.html bug 64268 (author: mitz at webkit.org)
fast/filesystem/filesystem-uri-origin.html bug 63206 (author: adamk at chromium.org)
transforms/2d/hindi-rotated.html bug 64269 (authors: darin at apple.com and jshin at chromium.org)
svg/repaint/filter-repaint.svg bug 64270 (author: krit at webkit.org)
svg/W3C-SVG-1.1/struct-use-01-t.svg bug 64271 (authors: darin at apple.com and eric at webkit.org)
svg/transforms/text-with-mask-with-svg-transform.svg bug 64272 (author: zimmermann at kde.org)
The commit-queue is continuing to process your patch.

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