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> (From update of attachment 99489 [details])
> Also, personally I would like this to be done similar to how the viewport meta tag is received. At least that should be investigated.

Meaning what exactly?  A separate message similar to viewportDataDidChange for each of a set of pre-defined "interesting" meta and link tags?  That seems unduly restrictive -- what if a client wants to see a meta or link tag we didn't think to support?  Maybe a combined message for the whole set, or whole subsets (e.g. link, meta with name attribute, meta with http-equiv attribute)?  A separate message for each link and meta tag?

The disadvantage for all of these is that they dispatch messages that will be ignored by many applications.  Is the expected cost small enough not to matter?  The advantages of Kimmo's approach is that the cost is only borne by clients that specifically ask for the data, and that there is no restriction on which link and meta tags can be retrieved.

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