[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 18209] Animation: SVG "rotate" transforms fail to obey the center point

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> I'm unsure if that is right. We have the same animation like batik right now. I have to check it first. The problem on SVGTransform: We don't just add the translation on every repeat, it is like a matrix that gets _post multiplied_ to all previous transforms. Thats why I doubt that 25 after first iteration and 50 after second iteration is correct.

I understand, what you mean. It is good consideration.

By my opinion, the rock-bottom of this probles lies in this claim:

*Should be final animated-transformation after accumulation in 2 cycles:
transform="rotate(60,50,50)"* ?? (animated from="0,25,25" to="30,25,25")

Primary Question is: YES or NO?

If confirmed YES, then Opera + FF are correct...

> Note that I changed the behavior of accumulation lately. We now calculate the distance from 0 to 100% for the first iteration 100% to 200% for the second iteration and so on.

It looks absolutely correct... the only possible "hanger" I see, is which value is iterated (transform matrix or XML attributes) I am not sure if we can iterate matrix...

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