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--- Comment #2 from Hwang <luxtella at company100.net>  2011-07-03 02:54:30 PST ---
[Chromium] Update Gradient and Pattern every time to draw similar to PlatformContext::prepareForSoftwareDraw() 

GraphicsContextSkia::set[Fill|Stroke][Gradient|Pattern] has the problem that GraphicsContextSkia does not apply gradient or pattern style if the gradient or pattern is changed after GraphicsContextSkia::set[Fill|Stroke][Gradient|Pattern].

For example,
 Gradient* gradient;
 gradient->addColorStop(...);  <- GraphicsContextSkia does not apply this.

It is because GraphicsContextSkia creates new platform gradient or pattern object and it would be different from original gradient or pattern object in the above case.

This patch makes Chromium comform following Canvas spec.
>From HTML5 canvas spec:

"When set to a CanvasPattern or CanvasGradient object, the assignment is live, meaning that changes made to the object after the assignment do affect subsequent stroking or filling of shapes."

This patch makes chromium pass canvas/philip/tests/2d.gradient.object.update.html

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