[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 51932] GTK: AX: atk tests need to be updated after recent changes

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--- Comment #12 from Mario Sanchez Prada <msanchez at igalia.com>  2011-01-07 09:21:53 PST ---
Sorry Chris, I didn't see your reply before attaching my last patch

(In reply to comment #9)
> [...]
> My question is, does GTK need to support an AXScrollView in the AX hierarchy? 
> If they don't, then your patch looks fine because it just ignores what it 
> doesn't need to know about

After talking through IRC with Joanmarie, it seems the right thing is to keep returning the WebArea role in that case, so my patch would actually make sense. However, some additional work was still needed to fix bottom up navigation through the get_parent() method of AtkObject, since there's always a point where there's apparently no parent and we need to manually work it around by checking that (1) we're in the root a11y object of webCore and (2) getting the accessible object from GAIL associated to the GtkWidget acting as the container of the WebView.

> if however, GTK, should have a scroll view around the web areas in 
> accessibility, then the correct fix is to incorporate the scroll view in to 
> the tests as the root object, or add a method to return the root web area
> that is used instead of the root scroll view.

AFAIK after talking to Joanmarie, this is not actually needed, at least for the moment, so I guess the correct approach is the already proposed one.

Thanks a lot for the feedback, even if I read it *after* attaching the last patch!

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