[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 51335] [Qt][WK2] MappedMemoryPool is unbounded

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Wed Jan 5 23:04:38 PST 2011


--- Comment #5 from Kimmo Kinnunen <kimmo.t.kinnunen at nokia.com>  2011-01-05 23:04:38 PST ---
This addresses a quite serious problem with MemoryMappedPool, good. However I'm not really convinced that anybody should spend that much time polishing current MemoryMappedPool before it really is working well.

To me, this patch just adds complexity on top of simple implementation. To me, address space running out is the least of the worries for MemoryMappedPool.

The simple implementation was initially done just to get WK2 on Qt working -- it is not meant as end-all design.

I opened another bug that discusses current problems:

Some of the problems are amplified by this patch. At least:
- this patch adds even more calls that don't check errors (file opens, mmaps)
- this patch adds polish (enums instead of bools)  to the isFree flag, which is incorrect anyway

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