[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 48031] AffineTransform operator* reverses order of operands.

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--- Comment #17 from Simon Fraser (smfr) <simon.fraser at apple.com>  2011-01-02 12:16:37 PST ---
Bug 16062 gives some back story into the various matrix multiplication issues.

But I'm not convinced that there is a bug here.

> multLeft is a post-multiply - i.e. result.multLeft(*this) assigns result * this to result.  This means that we return t * this, not this * t as expected.

In my reading result.multLeft(*this) is result = *this * result.

TransformationMatrix has the same code. If you fix AffineTransform, please fix that as well.

BTW, if you're working on a bug, please assign it to yourself.

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