[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 53588] Web Inspector: Make TextViewer editable (ala IDE)

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--- Comment #6 from Patrick Mueller <pmuellr at yahoo.com>  2011-02-16 06:29:19 PST ---
(In reply to comment #5)
> - If we decide to bundle third party code, it should be BSD. EPL is problematic.
> If you are interested in contributing Orion editor into the WebKit (or providing it with appropriate license), we should definitely talk.

If licensing is an issue, and even if it isn't, we could think about making the "editor" pluggable, and then replaceable via extensions.  I assume there isn't a bug open up on that topic yet, is there?  (extendable/replaceable "editor").  

I use "editor" in quotes, because I don't know what all that entails.  Folks probably think the HTML DOM view is an "editor" - well, it is, of sources, but it's not really a text editor like we know text editors.  Should it be replaceable also?  But really thinking about "script" view/editors vs all the other views we have - CSS, images, etc.

Would be a fun topic for someone with time on their hands (NOT SIGNING UP FOR IT RIGHT NOW! :-)

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