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--- Comment #4 from Alexey Proskuryakov <ap at webkit.org>  2011-02-12 21:48:27 PST ---
Could you please add per-file comments to LayoutTests/ChangeLog? I started reviewing the changes, but it quickly got complicated.

As an example, I've been looking at xmlhttprequest/exceptions.html - the bug description says what results should be according to the spec, but it doesn't say what IE and Firefox do. That's useful information to add to ChangeLog. I suggest omitting Opera results - they are not very relevant because of Opera market share, and because Opera might mask poor compatibility decisions with site-specific hacks.

Standardizing on XHR2 specified behavior is good long term, but I'm having second thoughts about doing this now. The reason is that a lot of sites and JS libraries have two separate code paths - one for IE and another for "standards compliant" browsers, meaning that they test with Firefox. WebKit  usually falls into the latter group, so changing behavior from Firefox compatible to IE compatible would do little good on these sites.

This is less of an issue than several years ago, since WebKit-based browsers now have a much larger market share, even dominating some segments. But it would be good to know if/when Mozilla is going to switch to XHR2 specified behavior in this regard.

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