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--- Comment #5 from Gyuyoung Kim <gyuyoung.kim at samsung.com>  2011-02-08 17:29:13 PST ---
(In reply to comment #4)
> (From update of attachment 81453 [details])
> And remind me what the returning false vs. true means?  (Yes, we really really really need to change that to be an enum).

paintMediaXXXX functions are invoked by below function.
   bool RenderTheme::paint(RenderObject* o, const PaintInfo& paintInfo, const IntRect& r)

AFAIK, this paint function draws media control UI. And, the paint() is called by RenderBox::paintBoxDecorationsWithSize() as below,

void RenderBox::paintBoxDecorationsWithSize(PaintInfo& paintInfo, int tx, int ty, int width, int height)

     // If we have a native theme appearance, paint that before painting our background.
     // The theme will tell us whether or not we should also paint the CSS background.
     bool themePainted = style()->hasAppearance() && !theme()->paint(this, paintInfo, IntRect(tx, ty, width, height)); => This line calls the paint function.
     if (!themePainted) {
         // The <body> only paints its background if the root element has defined a background
         // independent of the body.  Go through the DOM to get to the root element's render object,
         // since the root could be inline and wrapped in an anonymous block.
         if (!isBody() || document()->documentElement()->renderer()->hasBackground())
             paintFillLayers(paintInfo, style()->visitedDependentColor(CSSPropertyBackgroundColor), style()->backgroundLayers(), tx, ty, width, height);
         if (style()->hasAppearance())
             theme()->paintDecorations(this, paintInfo, IntRect(tx, ty, width, height));

It seems to me that the "true" or "false" return value mean whether each port paints UI theme or not. Thus, I think this is correct that EFL port returns "false". Because, it doesn't paint nothing until implementing these dummy functions.

If we need to change the boolean return value with enum type, we should modify RenderBox::paintBoxDecorationWithSize and each port's paint functions together. Do you think we should modify now ?

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