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--- Comment #15 from Robert Hogan <robert at webkit.org>  2011-02-08 12:23:36 PST ---
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> (In reply to comment #10)
> Since this whole first-party URL matching logic is pretty much clear and won't be changed by most users, we could also introduce QWebSettings::ThirdPartyCookiesAllowed which would, if false, prevent the call to setCookiesFromUrl in the first place.
> I would prefer it over adding a separate QMap for first-party URLs in QNetworkCookieJar. The ideal solution would be to pass it in setCookiesFromUrl like you wanted, but since binary compatibility isn't allowing it I think that we need to weight the gain that a complex solution would grant to the user.
> If we chose this way, it would be nice to know some use cases where the user would need to handle the decision in his subclassed QNetworkCookieJar instead of letting QtWebKit handle the decision.

Thanks Jocelyn - I'll go with that.

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