[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 53181] Web Inspector: make use of X-edit-server headers to save JS edits

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--- Comment #2 from Boris Bokowski <bokowski at gmail.com>  2011-02-03 13:37:32 PST ---
Here is a bit more context. My goal (maybe a little naive?) would be that links in the WebKit Inspector (to lines in files, for example the ones displayed for errors in the console) could open the Orion editor in a new tab, instead of showing the file in the script panel of WebKit Inspector itself. (Or maybe a context menu over that link.)

We've started to send special headers for those resources we can edit in the Orion editor, making it possible for a tool like the WebKit Inspector to detect this and derive the URL to use for the new tab. What's nice about this: if the name of this header was generic enough (i.e. not Orion-specific), other web-based editors could use the same mechanism.

You can give this a try with our demo server at orion.eclipse.org (contact me if you'd like an account):

bokowski$ curl -I http://orion.eclipse.org/file/org.eclipse.orion.client.editor/web/js/editor.js
X-Edit-Server: http://orion.eclipse.org:80/coding.html#
X-Edit-Token: /file/org.eclipse.orion.client.editor/web/js/editor.js

The URL for editing the file is http://orion.eclipse.org:80/coding.html#/file/org.eclipse.orion.client.editor/web/js/editor.js - you can append ?line=<number> to jump to a specific line.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Does this make sense to you at all? Would you like to see us use a different mechanism and not headers? One header instead of two? etc.

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