[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 30862] Dynamically inserted subresources aren't revalidated even when the containing document is reloaded

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Wed Feb 2 17:49:57 PST 2011


--- Comment #31 from Alexander Romanovich <alex at sirensclef.com>  2011-02-02 17:49:56 PST ---
Darin echos my concerns, but I think the super-refresh method is probably the best way to resolve this now. Especially given the response W3C gave Kyle. A time-based heuristic sounds like it would be guesswork though. Could there not be some other rule? For instance, is there is a way that WebKit could distinguish between a resource that is lazy-loaded from a Javascript that was immediately executed when the page loaded (even if running after the main resource and its subresources have all finished loading), as opposed to one that's triggered later from user interaction with the page? The former being revalidated, and the later being loaded normally.

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