[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 30862] Dynamically inserted subresources aren't revalidated even when the containing document is reloaded

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--- Comment #27 from Kyle Simpson <getify at gmail.com>  2011-02-02 14:53:04 PST ---
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> but what's more important is seeing if the desired behavior is described in the spec 

To the best of my knowledge, this is not in the spec. In fact, when I raised the issue with the W3C about getting spec standards for how resources should be loaded and cached, I got this response:

> The spec is deliberately not specific about exactly how resources are
> loaded and cached, because it's good for browsers to be able to
> innovate and compete on the algorithms they use for this.  The
> difference should not be black-box-detectable -- except for
> performance, of course.

[from http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html/2010Dec/0165.html]

I agree there should be standards for it, so this is reliable between browsers. Right now, there's different behavior in different browsers, and it causes multitude more headaches for web authors (especially tools devs like myself) because we can't feature-detect how a browser will handle loading, caching, and revalidating, so we have to fall back to ugly browser inferences or horrid UA sniffing. :(

But, the fact that a few of us think there should be standards doesn't mean there ever will be, nor does it mean browsers should sit around and wait for that. Indeed, browsers innovate in these non-spec'd areas all the time. Perhaps what's being suggested here (this "super refresh") may eventually get spec'd. 

But there's a very small chance that something which has long been the realm of "browser implementation detail" (according to members of the W3C) is going to suddenly become the realm of the spec, UNLESS the browsers have all implemented ideas that have centered around a common de facto standard.

As such, I'd really hate to see *this* bug sit unaddressed indefinitely in the smallest of hopes that the spec will, of its own accord, take the lead on this topic. We need browsers to do sensible things with loading, caching, and re-validation, things that make sense for both users and developers. Those things will eventually be seen as the *right* things, and time will eventually make that the "standard" (either implied or explicit).

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