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--- Comment #15 from Chris Marrin <cmarrin at apple.com>  2011-02-01 15:10:56 PST ---
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> Background:
> This tests that suspendAnimations and resumeAnimations work properly.
> It starts an animation, suspends it on setTimeout(500), and resumes it on setTimeout(1000).  To test that the suspend works, it checks the animation at .6 and .9 seconds, and then again at 1.5 seconds to test that resume worked:
>       // [animation-name, time, element-id, property, expected-value, tolerance]
>       ["rotate", 0.6, "box", "webkitTransform", [1,0,0,1, 200, 0], 30],
>       ["rotate", 0.9, "box", "webkitTransform", [1,0,0,1, 200, 0], 30],
>       ["rotate", 1.5, "box", "webkitTransform", [1,0,0,1, 400, 0], 30],
> Due to the timeouts involved, this can be flaky (we are seeing it fail about 2% of the time with values of 231 and 431, 1 pixel outside the tolerance).
> Rather than tweak the tolerances more, I was thinking it might make more sense to re-write the test to more explicitly test that suspend and resume work, rather than relying on the animation values.  So, something like:
> At 0.6 and 0.9, rather than test for being at 200, test that the value is the same at both times (aka, it is definitely suspended), and that the value is > 0 (it did indeed start), and less < the end value (it hasn't ended).
> At 1.5, rather than test for being at 400, test that the value is greater than it was at 0.6/0.9 (aka, it did resume).
> Does that sound ok, or would that be losing test coverage?

I generally like the concept of your idea, but I think we really need to do some range testing. Otherwise if the animation is just not working at all it would pass. So maybe your idea of repeatability coupled with a more lenient range test would give us good coverage?

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