[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 68090] SVG as image uses very tiny default font-size

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--- Comment #8 from Florin Malita <fmalita at google.com>  2011-12-15 09:24:33 PST ---
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> Cached resources may be shared between documents that have different settings. 

I see. Is this a concern in practice through? I'm fairly new to WK and not familiar with the area - can you describe what it would take to end up in a situation where resource-sharing documents have different settings?

> It seems very wrong to arbitrarily let the first document requesting the image to be the one determining its default font size.

Yes - in light of the above it does. But, pragmatically speaking, I'm with Nikolas: currently all cases are broken; if this workaround fixes the common use case, then it may be an acceptable temporary band-aid (for 20846 too) while a proper solution is implemented.

> It's not obvious to my that *any* document's settings should affect the rendering of SVG images, nor that the settings that apply to them should be customizable.

I agree it's not made obvious in the spec, but section 6.1 does reference CSS2 for the definition of shared attributes (IIRC that covers attribute resolution all the way to UA settings). And it seems the right thing to do (keeping HTML & SVG text elements consistent).

I've verified the behavior in FF & Opera: they both honor user font settings when rendering image-embedded SVGs. Furthermore, updated settings are reflected immediately.

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