[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 45228] window.scrollBy() scrolls incorrectly when zoomed in/out

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--- Comment #7 from Sneha Bhat <mail.snehabhat at gmail.com>  2011-12-05 14:15:17 PST ---
>>but I dont see pageZoomFactor included in this old code here?

Yes pageZoomFactor was not not applied and hence the issue with window.scrollBy()

So If you look at the function scrollTo, Source/WebCore/page/DOMWindow.cpp:

void DOMWindow::scrollTo(int x, int y) const

    int zoomedX = static_cast<int>(x * m_frame->pageZoomFactor() * m_frame->frameScaleFactor());
    int zoomedY = static_cast<int>(y * m_frame->pageZoomFactor() * m_frame->frameScaleFactor());
    view->setScrollPosition(IntPoint(zoomedX, zoomedY));

The relative scroll distance is multiplied with the zoom factor, same should be done for the API window.scrollBy

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