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--- Comment #26 from Greg Billock <gbillock at google.com>  2011-12-02 15:41:47 PST ---
(In reply to comment #25)
> > Is there a way for the IDL to require or forbid self-closing? I may not be using all the right options in this patch. 
> Nope.  You need to modify the parsing algorithm.  The parsing algorithm is defined in the HTML specification.  Generally, we don't accept patches that cause us to diverge from the specification.  Instead, we prefer for the spec to change first and then we implement the specced algorithm.

Makes sense. Just to be clear, given that there's no change to the parser here, the tag isn't self-closing? Or will the parser still admit a self-closing tag? I looked at the HTMLParser a bit to try to get some insight. It looks to me like it just annotates self-closing tags, but I didn't see a place where our parser is restrictive on which tags are allowed to self-close. Is this a characteristic of other parsers, then, that we need to be careful for in the spec?

> > Yes, svg can be embedded in html,
> I'm talking about SVG documents, not SVG-in-HTML.  SVG documents are first class citizens in the web platform.

I think I see what you mean finally. :-) I was worried I'd inadvertently impacted SVG syntax since it can be embedded. As Darin said, we haven't considered the use case for SVG resources to register intents directly. My instinct would be to do that in a different patch, though, which would introduce a corresponding change to svgnames. Should I instead include it here? (I'm not suggesting aborting the discussion with the HTML WG, just asking about mechanics, although having a "complete" patch to show the WG might be an aid to understanding. :-))

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