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--- Comment #24 from Greg Billock <gbillock at google.com>  2011-12-02 08:33:21 PST ---
(In reply to comment #23)
> > I've been pretty supportive of having a declarative way of registering intents.  It seems good for enabling search engines to find apps that handle various intents!
> Have you considered using a meta or a rel extension point for HTML?  Those are much lighter weight than a new HTML element.

Yes. See for example http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-web-intents/2011Nov/0017.html and the surrounding thread context.

> In a similar vein, http://webintents.org/ makes it look like you mean for <intent> to be a self-closing tag, which has implications for the HTML parsing algorithm and for interoperability with user agents that don't implement intents.

Is there a way for the IDL to require or forbid self-closing? I may not be using all the right options in this patch. 

> In any case, if we want to go the HTML element route, we should communicate with the HTML standards community.  I don't think it's even possible to define HTML elements outside of the HTML spec.  By contrast, defining a meta or a rel extension doesn't require interacting with the HTML working group.

Absolutely. We know this needs to be done, and James Hawkins is planning on initiating that discussion. (We think it is worth talking to them even if we end up using <link rel> and <meta>, as well, although it'd definitely be a different kind of discussion.)

[back on embedded svg] Yes, svg can be embedded in html, but that case should be handled fine by this patch as is -- the browser's resource is then an HTML document, which can use the intent tag as it exists in the patch:

<html><head><intent ...></intent></head><body><svg ...> ...

Whether <svg><script> would then work is something we haven't tried to support at this point, but this patch isn't intended to address that question at all. Is there something about embedded svg tags in html that needs to be fixed in this patch for the intent tag to work correctly as above?

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