[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 65470] [Qt] libwebcore.a source is compiled without -fvisibility=hidden -fvisibility-inlines-hidden

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Wed Aug 31 07:55:23 PDT 2011


--- Comment #17 from Ademar Reis <ademar.reis at openbossa.org>  2011-08-31 07:55:23 PST ---
(In reply to comment #16)
> (In reply to comment #15)
> > Patch added to qtwebkit-2.2 with commit 16cbdf3 <http://gitorious.org/webkit/qtwebkit/commit/16cbdf3>
> Unfortunately the patch broke most plugin layout tests:
> http://build.webkit.sed.hu/results/QtWebKit2.2-branch%20x86-32%20Linux%20Release%20Qt%204.8.x/rfb3b4700aa5abbb2db471b4f0eb7946ce4850cc4%20%28184%29/results.html
> After a few tests, I figured this is the culprit:
> WebKit.pro:
> contains(QT_CONFIG, reduce_exports):CONFIG += hide_symbols
> Any objections to the removal of this line but keeping the rest of the patch?

BTW, as far as library size is concerned, there's no advantage in keeping the other changes. Withoug hide_symbols, the library size ends up the same as before the patch was applied.

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