[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 62092] setting innerText to an empty string on editable div loses focus

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--- Comment #50 from Aryeh Gregor <ayg at aryeh.name>  2011-08-30 11:30:29 PST ---
IE9 and later implements Range and Selection more or less per spec, and IE9 does pass some of the selection tests in that file.  (It actually passes fewer of the tests overall than WebKit, but because of other bugs.)  Opera has issues similar to WebKit.  The spec is biased toward Gecko, yes, because

1) Gecko's behavior here is far simpler and easier to understand than WebKit's, and will be easier to converge on;

2) more browsers implement the features that way (IE+Gecko vs. just WebKit or just Opera);

3) Gecko's behavior is older (they made these APIs up!) and has been in standards longer.

Maybe this bug isn't the right place to discuss this, though.  The whatwg list is a good place to send feedback about DOM Range, or possibly public-webapps.

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