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--- Comment #38 from Benjamin Poulain <benjamin at webkit.org>  2011-08-24 04:05:02 PST ---
Please read all the comments that have already been made when you update.
I feel every time I read an update of this patch, I see the some basic problems that were commented on before.

Please, first, define what a public API that is nice and easy to use, and solve all the layering problems that have already been discussed.
Once you have that, you can build what is needed in WebKit to expose that API.

As mentioned before, this should probably be exposed through private API. So please, go on IRC, discuss with Alexis the best way to expose those private API, then implement it.

The get you started on the API:
The full code on the MiniBrowser should probably be something like this:
::enableWebInspector(bool toggled) 
    if (desktopWebView())
This should enable the inspector and the menu action "inspect" should work as expected.

You can add another action showWebInspector() if needed (for the touch view essentially because the context menu support is not upstreamed yet.
    if (desktopWebView())

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