[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 66469] window.getSelection().rangeCount does not update during a drag and drop

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--- Comment #2 from Richard York <richard at deadmarshes.com>  2011-08-18 13:15:17 PST ---
OK, well, what I wrote explains this pretty thoroughly.  Please read that.

To quickly test what's happening, drag the image on the page over the contenteditable div.  As you drag the image over the div the dragover event is continuously firing, and as that fires, it is calling code to see what's going on with window.getSelection().

And you can see in the console, the rangeCount and the baseOffset properties do not update during the drag over the contenteditable div, even though you can see the blinking text cursor moving around in the contenteditable div element.

What I expect to happen, I expect to be able to query the getSelection() API and be able to see where the text cursor is in real time via the rangeCount and baseOffset properties as a drag over the contenteditable  div is taking place.

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