[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 66055] The XML parser doesn't (always) default to UTF-8 when HTTP charset or encoding declaration is lacking

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--- Comment #2 from Leif Halvard Silli <xn--mlform-iua at xn--mlform-iua.no>  2011-08-13 16:19:27 PST ---
Another instance of the same problem is SVG files (and MathML files) which may contain non-ASCII and non-WINDOWS-1252 text.

Test page: http://malform.no/testing/html5/bom/frame5
   Features of the HTML page: 
      a) Windows-1252, 
      b) contains <iframe>, <img> and <object> with the same SVG file in each
      c) SVG file features: 
          * UTF-8 encoded, but without encoding declaration or BOM.
          * Text of the SVG file is 'Hello, world!" in Russian (Cyrillic).

   That the SVG file is rendereds the same way, regardless of whether it is referenced from the <iframe> element, the <img> element or the <object> element.

   Only when occuring inside the <img> file, does the SVG work as expected.

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